Core Space 1-2 Player Pre-Order Bundle

Product code: BSCSDEAL5
Everything you need for one-two players to have a deep solo/co-op narrative experience. Over 15% off!

Product information

Pre-Order - please note that any orders containing this product will not ship until February/March 2020.

Be the first to get Core Space when the 2nd print run arrives!

This bundle contains everything you need for 1-2 players to have a deep solo or co-op narrative experience with Core Space. As well as the game and deluxe rules, you'll get an expansion of your choice to continue the adventure!

You will get everything listed below, worth over £139, at over 15% off, and you'll also get a free plastic Turn Counter upgrade! See individual product pages for further details.

Technical specifications

Product Code BSCSDEAL5
Weight 4.03kg