Core Space Character Generation Boards - Pre-Order

Product code: BSCSBOARDS
A set of blank boards for use with the Deluxe Rulebook to design your own characters.

Product information

Pre-Order - this item is awaiting a reprint. Please note that any orders containing this product will not ship until the end of February 2020.


  • 4 Blank Trader/Civilian Boards
  • 4 Blank Class Boards
  • 2 Blank Enemy Boards
  • 14 Blank Equipment Tokens
  • 1 Sticker Sheet

This pack can be used to create your own Traders/Civilians and Enemies following the rules in the Deluxe Rulebook. The boards are laminated for use with a dry-wipe pen.

Alternatively if you want to add your own artwork to the boards, the files are available to download for free HERE.

Technical specifications

Weight 0.09kg