This terrain is from our successful Fantasy Dungeon Kickstarter campaign. It is modular card terrain for 28mm tabletop gaming systems. The terrain comes in flatpack form so assembly is required, please see the Tutorials page on our website for details. May not be suitable for children under 14 years of age.

Our Fantasy Dungeon set won 'Best Terrain Product of 2015' at Beasts of War!
JANUARY SALE SPECIAL OFFER - Dungeon Add-ons are available at 25% off the regular price! Discounts will be applied at checkout*.

Battle Systems Fantasy Dungeon Terrain
*While stocks last. Does not include the Fortress or Gaming Mat.
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    Everything you need and more for a mighty castle, perfect for wargaming and roleplaying alike. Over 33% discount!
  • Fantasy Dungeon Set

    Fantasy Dungeon Set

    This is the core of our Fantasy Dungeon terrain. It is high quality 1.7mm thick card printed on both sides and comes in flatpack form. The set is completely modular and multi-level.
  • The Fortress

    The Fortress

    The Fortress is a set of external walls to be used in conjunction with the Fantasy Dungeon set.
  • Sewers


    A set of items and tiles to make your own dungeon sewer systems.
  • Great Hall

    Great Hall

    No fantasy dungeon or fortress is complete without an awe-inspiring Great Hall to impress the yokels.
  • Fantasy Dimension Gate

    Fantasy Dimension Gate

    A portal to other worlds and times, the Dimension Gate is also perfect for short hops across your gaming area :)
  • Furnace/Well/Counterforts


    Add a bit of baroque to your dungeon with a steampunk inspired furnace, a stone well and counterforts for cover.
  • Pristine Walls Pack

    Pristine Walls Pack

    Some parts of your fortress or dungeon will be better maintained than others, the rich have to live somewhere!
    Out of stock
  • Standard Walls Pack

    Standard Walls Pack

    A set of standard fantasy dungeon walls for expanding your games.
  • Fantasy Dungeon Game Mat

    Fantasy Dungeon Game Mat

    A 600mm x 600mm game mat with a high quality print. The grid pattern is set to 25mm. This is identical to the game mat supplied with the Fantasy Dungeon set.
  • Wall Clips

    Wall Clips

    An extra set of wall clips because you can you can never have too many.
  • ABS Plastic Clips

    ABS Plastic Clips

    A sheet of ABS plastic clips, used for connecting walls.
    Out of stock
  • Multi Clips

    Multi Clips

    The multi-clips are used in tandem with the converters for making sheer walls.