Station Zeta

Product code: SFZETA
Station Zeta is a standalone modular set designed for barren terrain.

Product information

Station Zeta is a standalone modular set ideal for barren terrain.
  • Wide Hatchway x1 + Wide Door x1
  • Hatchway x2 + Door x2
  • Twin Window Wall x1
  • Window Wall x1
  • Vent Wall x1
  • Standard Wall x1
  • Observation Port x2 + Shield Door x2
  • Large Buttress x5
  • Half Wall Hatchway x1
  • Half Wall x1
  • Curved Buttress x3
  • Floor Tile (10cm x 10cm) x4
  • Strut x2
  • Ladder x1
  • Arc Doorway x1
  • Half Floor x4
  • Railings x6
  • Stairs x2
  • Assorted ABS clips

​Set shown fully assembled, some modelling skills required. Please see our Tutorials page for details. Game mat and figures not included.
  • Delivery times: UK: 3 - 7 days.  Europe: 3 - 10 days. ROW: 10 - 20 days.  
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Technical specifications

Weight 0.456kg
Product Code SFZETA